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We have accessible toilets located at multiple locations around Adventure Park for your convenience. We also offer private family care rooms with ample space if carer assistance is required. These are highlighted on our website map, as well as on the printed park maps and on large maps located around Adventure Park. Please see our park map or speak to a member of our friendly Guest Services team if directions are required.

All pathways throughout Adventure Park are wheelchair accessible.

Many areas in the water park are accessible by wheelchair, including the Tiny Tots splashzone, Bonito’s Bay water playground and our Jumping Jets zones.

We recommend use of a water friendly wheelchair in these areas to prevent any possibilities of damage or rust that may occur. 

Access with use of the upper body is also permitted on our Little Buggy Speedway, Grand Carousel, Red Baron, Shipwreck Harbour and Wave Swinger.

We are proud to have full wheelchair access to our Ferris Wheel as we have two gondolas that are able to comfortably fit a wheelchair, with an accompanying carer. Please follow the signs to the accessible entry at the Ferris Wheel and our friendly staff will be able to assist you.

Our Family, VIP and Treetop Cabanas are wheelchair accessible. Please note that for the Treetop Cabanas there is only wheelchair access to the lower level, stairs are required to access the top level.

Adventure Park offers FREE wheelchair hire. Please visit Guest Services and our staff will be able to provide assistance. Please note we have a limited number of wheelchairs available, and they cannot be pre-booked. If a wheelchair is essential for your day at Adventure Park we would recommend bringing your own.

Adventure Park does not have water friendly wheelchairs available for hire.

Discounted tickets are offered for those holding government issued disability cards.

One carer will also be able to enter for a discounted rate upon presentation of a Government issued disability card, when accompanying the participant.

Please ensure the appropriate cards are with you when you enter as you will be asked to present them and verify you have the correct ticket.

Those holding companion cards will be able to enter for the discounted rate and their companion will be able to enter free of charge. For free entry the companion needs to ensure they enter at the same time as the holder of the card.

Please note: discounted disability and carer tickets are not available for special events, such as the Christmas Festival of Lights and Winter Glow, due to the all-abilities nature of the event companion cards will still be accepted for carer free entry.

Disability parking is available and conveniently located near our ticket gates. This area is signed with a disability symbol.

Those parking in these car spaces will be required to display a valid disabled parking permit.

A smooth and accessible path will lead you to the ticket gate area.

Accredited guide, service and assistance animals are permitted throughout Adventure Park.

Guests must retain control of their animals at all times within Adventure Park.

For those visiting our Christmas Festival of Lights and/or Winter Glow events, should you or any member of your group have experiences with photosensitivity and/or seizure disorder, we recommend consulting your GP prior to your visit.

For those with difficulty waiting in line due to a cognitive disability, please make your presence known to staff when arriving at the ticket gates and we will be able to provide assistance.

Our Guest Services staff will provide a wristband to notify our Ride Attendants that you or your group member may have difficulty waiting in line and they will provide assistance.  Please note these wristbands will only be given to those entering with a government issued disability card.

If you are conscious of large crowds when visiting Adventure Park please note that our busiest periods are between 26 December to 26 January.

Throughout this time the warm/hot summer days are likely to be busiest, however the cooler days are likely to be less crowded.

Our busiest period for our Christmas Festival of Lights is between 12 December to 31 December.

You are welcome to call our friendly staff on 03 5250 7200 and they will be able to give you an indication of what upcoming days are looking busy and which might be a little quieter. Please note, we cannot guarantee that any individual day can be reliably predicted, however our team will do their best to assist you.

Below are some suggestions on how to prepare prior to your visit to ensure your group has the BEST DAY EVER!

- Look at our map

Review the map prior to attending and lay out a plan for the day!

This will ensure that the person with a disability knows what to expect. We recommend prioritising your favourite rides first to ensure you do not miss out!

See our park map here


- Choose a meeting location

Choosing a meeting location can make your day a lot less stressful if your group gets separated. If the person with a disability were to get lost, please stress the importance that they find one of our friendly staff members who will be able to assist reuniting them with a member of their group.

Our Guest Services is a great meeting area for anyone who is lost and our friendly staff will be able to assist!


- Look at our sensory ride matrix

Review the accessibility matrix before visiting so you know what to expect.

See our sensory ride matrix here


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