Adventure Park Geelong | We're taking steps to divert waste from landfill

We're taking steps to divert waste from landfill

Posted on 01 July, 2021 by Adventure Park Team

As one of Victoria’s biggest tourist attractions, we take responsibility for our impact on the environment, and we are committed to reducing this impact to ensure our longevity of our business and the future of our world.

We’ve invested significant time and resources into state-of-the-art systems and technologies over the past decade to reduce and recycle our water usage and minimise our reliance on electricity to power the park.

The next five years will see us going further to reduce our impact, and we are developing a Sustainability Plan to define our initiatives in the next phase.

For one of these initiatives we’ve teamed up with Corio Waste to implement an organic waste collection system at the park to separate organic waste from general rubbish.

These organics bins collect food scraps and organic materials, such as plant-based materials and compostable products, that are processed into compost that can then be used on gardens. The nutrients are returned back into the soil, eliminating methane gas that organics emit when they biodegrade in landfill.

We’ve spent the last couple of years replacing much of our food packaging with organic/compostable packaging options and will continue to source further compostable packaging options where possible.

In 2019 we replaced plastic straws from outlets with compostable straws.

We replaced our waxy branded burger clam shells, chip boxes, food trays and bags with fully compostable alternatives. And we continue to print brochures on 100% recycled and compostable paper stocks using compostable vegetable-based inks. All of which can now be placed in the GREEN organics bin inside the park.

Our goal is to divert 50% of our waste from landfill in phase one.

By 2025 we hope to divert 90% of our waste from landfill as we look to implement a comingled waste collection system to recycle plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

Currently recycling facilities are limited in Victoria and Corio Waste are developing greater capacity to collect and recycle comingled materials to be implemented in 2021-22.

We are also researching options for vending machines to ‘buy back’ cans and plastics bottles, similar to attractions such as Tooronga Zoo who have been trialling these activities.

The success of this initiative relies on our guests to correctly dispose of their rubbish while in the park.

If waste is not disposed of in the correct bin, the organic bins can become ‘contaminated’, and when contaminated the waste can’t be composted and gets sent to landfill instead as a result.

As such we have labelled our bins with what items CAN be composted and ask our guests to quickly check before disposing of their item in the correct bin.

We have also labelled some of our food packaging with a ‘compostable logo’ to help you identify items that can be placed in the organics bin.

Please dispose of your waste at Adventure Park correctly…
Together we can help reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill!

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