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Increase employee engagement with a fun-filled family event...

Posted on 22 March, 2018 by Adventure Park team

Mum's the word, when it comes to increasing employee engagement... and Dad, son, children, partner, wife, husband!

Employee engagement and productivity is a big topic for us at Adventure Park, and no doubt others in the business world.

Our 20 years’ experience growing the Park into a major business has taught us that ensuring employee satisfaction is essential to a company’s success.

Studies have shown that employees with high job satisfaction are generally more productive, engaged and loyal to their companies. The good news is that satisfaction comes from more than just financial incentives.

Research indicates that genuine family friendly workplaces build a sense of community among co-workers by creating opportunities for employees’ families to come together in and outside of the office. Implementing a host of family-friendly policies can encourage positivity in the workplace, and help recruit and retain the best possible employees, according to Sodexo’s Workplace Trends Report.

Winning over your employees’ family is one of the best kept secrets of the well known employers of choice like Google, Facebook, and Apple, however, exploring the relationship and bond of an organization with the employee’s family seems to be one of the least explored aspects of employee engagement.

Leading strategic HR experts, People Matters, tell us that engaging the employee’s family improves the confidence and respect for the organization and families become more accommodating to the employee; be it extended working hours, increased business trips, or other inconveniences. Conversely, a negative opinion of an employee’s workplace and manager held by a spouse and/or children can directly lead to resentment, reduced hours at work, and alternate employment searches.

This, among a number of reasons, is why we are seeing a trend towards businesses big and small holding family day functions at Adventure Park, that acknowledge the contributions of their employee’s families.

Providing a fun-filled day that creates lasting memories, good will and allows new friendships to form, can create immeasurable positive impact on employees and their families’ attitude toward work.

A fun family event, such a company founding day, end of year celebration, or beginning of year get together achieves the end goal of helping employees and their families feel acknowledged and appreciated, whilst creating a stress-free environment to decompress and relax in with their loved ones.

Here’s our 5 tips to creating the best family event for your workplace:

  1. Entertainment to suit all ages. A family attraction with a variety of rides and activities like Adventure Park will appeal to toddlers, teenagers and adults alike, meaning that even those employees without children can enjoy a fun filled day. Similarly mystery tours or team building activities can be a fun way to break the ice for a crowd that don’t all know each other. Many venues will assist with additional entertainment options such as Santa visits for Christmas parties or face painters.

  2. Catering. Plenty of food so that no one leaves hungry is the key. A buffet style means pint sized picky eaters can choose something to their tastes while the adults can indulge. Stay away from set tables and set menus for these types of events. Children will make friends with others and want to sit together, and your employees will want to chat with people that they don’t see often.

  3. Choose your beverage policy wisely. Providing alcohol for your guests can be a great way for colleagues to both celebrate and relax, but it can make an event memorable for all the wrong reasons if not managed properly. Drinking too much at a workplace party is one of the quickest ways to derail a career. Decide whether your event would be better to be alcohol free, or perhaps allow guests to purchase their own drinks. Choose a venue that can be flexible with this.

  4. Transport. Make it easy for everyone to be involved. Either provide a bus to take everyone to and from the event, or choose a location with plenty of free parking. If the logistics become complicated for your attendees they are more likely to choose not to attend. If your organization is large, you will need to consider which venues can hold all of your employees and their families. There are plenty to choose from, but have a ball- park figure in mind before you start making enquiries.

  5. A group bookings coordinator. Make your life easy, and go for a venue or activity that coordinates group functions and events every day. Having a professional on the other end of your emails and phone calls will free up your time to focus on invitations and RSVP’s, leaving the smaller details to be handled by them.


By Michelle Lovell
Adventure Park Guest Experience Manager
Michelle has spent 16 years managing staff within the tourism and events industry and currently leads a team of over 50 guest services staff at Adventure Park.

Speak to Michelle about your next business function and how you can turn it into a fun-filled family event - 03 5250 7200

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