Adventure Park Geelong | Bella & Milanovic's Tornado Ride Guide

Bella & Milanovic's Tornado Ride Guide

Posted on 05 January, 2018


By Ride Attendants Bella & ‘Milanovic’

Some of Adventure Park’s Ride Attendants took on a different role as Tornado ride models for our TV commercial and photography shoot last month.

Clocking up over 30 rides each on the day, Ride Attendants Bella and Milanovic, got friendly with Victoria’s biggest and longest waterslide, learning how to have the best ride and looking like a boss while doing it.

Images from the shoot have featured on the cover of Geelong’s What’s On magazine, in various newspapers/magazines, on our social media channels and our TV commercial.

Many of us at Adventure Park have ridden the Tornado and can admit that it’s not that easy to make it look as good as they did, so we asked them to share their tips on getting the most out of the Tornado and how to ride with style!

For the best ride

It’s all fun, but the faster the better Bella told us. More weight gets more speed, giving more power and propulsion going into that seven storey drop. "Go backwards for a high thrill experience and ride with bigger people to get more speed” she said. 

Milanovic, who got noticed in photos for throwing his arms up in the air cowboy style, recommended swinging into the corners to get maximum banking up the sides, and working up the courage to go with eyes closed adds to add that extra thrill, “as long as you don’t fall out!” he said.


For the best photo

In the future Adventure Park hopes to have a photo booth to capture riders dropping into the Tornado funnel, but for now the best shot to capture a photo is at the Tornado exit splash pool. 

“Make sure you have a friend or family member ready at the bottom of the slide with a camera to capture all the natural excitement as you come out” Bella said.

Milanovic said to “simply let the thrill of the ride take you, the rest will fall into place naturally. Also get your photographer to take a lot of photos, adrenaline doesn’t always have a pretty face!”


For the driest ride/wettest ride

There’s no foolproof formula for who gets wet and who stays dry, it all depends on the weight and where you’re sitting as to how the tube spins (or doesn’t) and hits the water.  

Saturated from back to back rides, Milanovic said getting wet was conducive to an entertaining ride, “so duck into those waves and get some water on you!” he said.

Bella said that “Riders on the sides of the tube seemed to get the wettest, but you never know how the tube is going to spin.” And that’s the beauty of the ride because you never know how it’s going to go!


For the chilliest ride

For some, the thought of dropping into the Tornado is quite intimidating, but there are some ways you can tone down the power.

“Grab those handles and hunker down into the tube, once you get the first ride out of the way you’ll be itching for more” Milanovic said.

“Ask the ride attendant to send you down forwards the first time and then as you build confidence you can try riding backwards” Bella said. Lighter rider weight reduces the speed and momentum up the wall, so try riding with smaller people the first time, they said.

“Sit, back, relax and ensure you are holding on at all times to feel secure… and remember the ride and design has been tested extensively and it’s extremely safe” she added.


Make new friends

The Tornado takes 2, 3 and 4 riders at a time, so bring your friends/family or make new friends by teaming up with other guests to ride together.

“Different body shapes and sizes make each ride on the Tornado unique so try to gather as many friends to determine the optimum rider combination” Milanovic said.

“And don’t be afraid to approach people for help or ask for an extra rider” Bella said. Adventure Park’s new Ride Buddies initiative can also assist parents and carers by taking their child on the Tornado if the parent is unable to ride or has other children to look after.  Just ask the ride attendant to help!


Carrying the tube

“Next year we’ll have a conveyor to carry the tubes up to the top so you don’t have to, but for now riders have to earn their turns.” Milanovic said. “Between rides on the Tornado, it’s easy to forget that you’re essentially doing a workout carrying those tubes!” So flex the guns and make it part of the fun!

For those a little younger, Bella says to work with others and “Don’t be afraid to ask other guests or ride attendants for help” and see point 5 above ‘make new friends’, you’d be surprised how helpful everyone can be.


Book a Tornado Sun Bed

There are hundreds of new Sun Lounges and Sun Beds in the Tornado precinct where you can base yourself and watch others ride Victoria’s biggest & longest slide. Be early to get a free Sun Lounge or book your own private shaded Sun Bed where you can stash your gear and have an unrestricted view of the Tornado exit splash pool.

“It’s the ultimate way to do the Tornado in style and look like a total VIP; to relax in your own private Sun Bed, enjoy lunch and soak up all the excitement and atmosphere” Bella said.

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